Build friendship,
Self confidence,
Physical fitness,
Self discipline.


 As your child achieves their goals, whether it be mastering a new move or gaining the next belt, you will see their confidence and self-esteem soar. 


Focus and Discipline

 Karate requires children to be focussed on their instructor and teaches them to listen and carry out instructions.  
At the same time the children are also learning to follow the rules of the dojo as well as being respectful.  
All these skills are transferrable to outside of the dojo and benefit the children in their everyday life. 

Strength and Coordination

Karate is a very physical activity and children will benefit from the exercise and increased awareness of their own bodies and how they function.  
Their control and coordination will improve, as will their fitness.

Reward and Recognition

Your child will learn how to set and achieve goals as they work toward each new belt.  
They will experience first-hand how commitment and effort is rewarded with results.


Increase your child’s circle of friends outside of the school environment.  Karate encourages them to interact with a range of children of different ages and also varying abilities.
Children will benefit from learning to work as teams and in pairs, learning how to communicate effectively and help each other on the way.

Safe Environment

Children are able to learn how to defend themselves but also how to avoid confrontation in the first place.

All of this is done in a controlled manner by our highly experienced and DBS-ratified Sensei. 
A Black Belt is a white belt that never gave up.

Traditional Shotokan Karate tuition for all

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Our Club
Sunderland  Karate Central

Our Association
Dokan Karate Association

Our Art

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Self Defence • Focus • Confidence • Respect • Self-Discipline • Honour • Fitness
Stress Reduction • Achievement • Positive Family Safe Environment

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